Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

Reporter Blog Author

Feels weird to reading the title above, reporters blog author

Why I have written the reporter blogs author? also because it is a blog author is a journalis at least the same as journalists in general. 

Because his work as a journalist blogger. If journalists have to respond to the situation of bloggers, including
real bloggers is always interested to read the situation

Writes that there is no simple
Write how we talk about the environment and how our environmental review

Real blogger in accordance with the circumstances and facts
Then what difference blog writers and journalists? not necessarily the same

ohhh Yups other place except his clothes, different wages? were technical problems with friends, for our problem of bloggers write the same, we think even they

Because we are the authors who is free, no one was established and has commanded us, we can write anything, because there is no us

This Blogger is a free man
Bloggers of human creativity
Blogger is that we

he he he he  good luck friends..

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