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The Elements of Computer System

we all know, an engine computer will not work by itself, the machine works is a result of a unified system consisting of: 
1. Brainware (human)  
2. Software (software)  
3. Hardware (hardware) 

Brainware The term used for people associated with the system. Man is an element of a computer system. Man is that designing how a machine can work in accordance with the results he wants. 

Software Is the electronic data stored in such a way by the computer itself, this stored data can be either program or instructions to be executed by the command, or the records required by the computer to run an executable command. 

To achieve these desires made an order of logic, the logic of this process through the software, which is also called the program and its data-data that. Processing of this software involves several things, including the operating system, programs and data. This software is set up in such a way that the logic that there can be understood by the engine computer. 

Hardware In the Indonesian language is called with the hardware. Is a device that can we see and we can physically touch, such as device input devices, processing devices, as well as output devices. 

This equipment is generally quite sophisticated. He can work on orders on them, which is also called the instruction set earlier. With the commands understood by the machine, the command conducts various activities to the machine that is understandable by the machine so the machine can work on the composition of orders obtained by him. In some literature, there is one more element, namely the instruction set, although the instruction set is more likely to hardware. Instruction set is a command understood by the computer following the orders of the existing standard on the machine environment

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